Ignoratio Elenchi

A few days ago Bones added a word to my LIST OF WORDS THAT DON'T MEAN WHAT I THINK THEY MEAN:
Do your own Google work if you're not familiar with the guy. While we're still knee-deep in classical references, here is another term that you'll probably have to read twice:
While we're still skinny dipping in this same aqua virgo, here is a term that would make a great character name in an allegory:
Unlike the other items, I linked this to an external definition. It's not the kind of thing you're likely to come across more than twice in your life, no matter how well-read you consider yourself. I am speaking of the term itself. Unfortunately the specious logic it describes is as common as reality television.

Dude, that's every day at the post office.

But it would make a great Call of Cthulhu character name.
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