The Revenge of Blood Feather

Your band Names for today:
"Blood Feather" is my Band Name Of The Month nominee. It goes on the list of terms that don't mean what I think they mean.

I like it a lot because it works in a lot of contexts:

James Bond villain:
Bond: Untie me Bloodfeather, or I'll escape and destroy your mountaintop lair.

Bloodfeather: The bird's in the other hand this time, Mister Bond.*

Superhero nemesis:
Blood Feather (monologging): When I press this button, witness the molting of mankind!

Hero (suddenly breaks into frame): Time to put you back in your cage!

Blood Feather (escaping): This bird's gonna fly!

1970's Spinal Tap-style glam rock super group
Bloodfeather Lead Singer (descending to stage in giant crane-mounted golden birdcage): Hello Cleveland! We are Bloodfeather! Are you ready to rock?

I like how, even if you don't know anything about wardrobe or costume design, you can easily imagine the outfits each of the Bloodfinger's in the preceding scenarios would have worn. I bet you can picture them in your mind right now.

* If you think that James Bond line is bad, the original exchange I wrote featured a play on "two in the bush". --The horror!

BTW, you can re-write the theme to "Goldfinger" with the words "Blood Feather" instead.
If you can't easily think of 7 or 8 verses off the top of your head, you just aren't working at it. Give it a try now: "--Blo-oo-od FEATHER!"

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