Confession: The last two items were part of a single sentence from a doctoral thesis. Admittedly it was written by two ESL students. Shame on me.

Well, if you can't make fun of someone's second language, then what can you? But I think that "Those Layers Will Not Be Used" would make a great title for Recently To External's new CD.

I also nominate The Zumboo Ruckus as Band Name of the Month.
My mom used to make a delicious kettle of zumboo and we would listen to zydeco music...

Zumboo is an online video site, so I guess "Zumboo Ruckus" is different than the decorum and restraint employed by commenters on Youtube?
Heh. I did not know that. We at the New Vitality Homeland have been tripping out lately on zumboorucks—medieval camel-mounted artillery. I don't see how any online video site could be as awesome as camel-mounted artillery, but I will check.
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