See, its a game where you chase the little stop-motion chuckwagon. Just like the dog in the old commercials.

It's for your Atari 2600, and came as a free premium from the fine people at Ralston Purina.

I think it would make a most cromulent band name.

I did not have this game, but I did get "Kool-Aid Man" by saving points from Kool-Aid packets.

The Cromulent Band? Hard to top Chase The Chuckwagon, though. But I will try with Drupaceous Nut.

It's funnier if you say it rather than just read it.
I think I went to school with Drupaceous Nutt.

BTW, RE Kool Aid points: I'm prorating all the Kool Aid I drank that summer. I'm good thru 2117 A.D.
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