A couple days ago* I was talking with my pal Doug Buckley. A guy he knew was bragging about his (the guy's) new silk shirt. But Doug was unimpressed. Because, as Doug said, "silk is like soft, but this was like wool".
* In 1985

"Dirty Santa" is a Chinese auction-style gift exchange. Thanks for the tip, Tina. But I refuse to watch your singing contest TV show.

Best recent album name I did not come up with:
"Fight Like Apes" (the band), have an EP with the title "David Carradine is a Bounty Hunter Whos Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch".

Interesting spelling of "whos", by the way.

I think "Silk is like soft, but this was like wool" might be a track off Unattended Mailbox's latest cd. Or maybe their second one; you know, the one that didn't suck.
Unattended Mailbox's second cd suffered from a severe case of sophomore slump. The decision to go acoustic was a catastrophic bore. I'll stick with their live bootleg at CBGB.
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