Interoffice emails that raise more questions than they answer

A lady at work (whom I sort-of-know) sent out the following email. She included me on the distro-list for some reason.

Let me preface this by saying that I don't work in one of those hip TV-style freewheeling offices. I work with old people who think that electricity is a fad.

The message:
Subject: Pie
If everyone emails me their favorite type of pie, I will bring in the pie with the highest votes tomorrow.
There is something so unhip-it's-cool about that pie poll*.

In fact its so cool, it makes me kind of suspicious.

I give "Pie" today's honorary Admiral Akbar "It's a Trap!" award.
* Good thing it wasn't a pot pie poll. And that Khmer Rouge despot Pol Pot wasn't involved in the pot pie poll.

That's the problem with you youngsters. What's not to love about free pie?

BTW, my verification word was "whanni."
"whanni" sounds like a vaguely obscene new age musician.

And speaking of vaguely obscene, all this talk about free pie smacks of at least quadruple entendre, which beggars some sort of sophomoric response which I will avoid (unless you deconstruct this increasingly convoluted and charged sentence).

BTW I noticed that McDonald's has brought back Cherry Pie. Score!
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