Alligator Policymaker Redux

Since my "alligator policymaker" post, like five women have been killed by alligators in this state. An attractive model was eaten, and an 74 year old woman was attacked in her garden, but beat up the alligator with a water hose. I really mean it.

Also, to show what jerks they are, an alligator snatched a puppy, and a cop shot an alligator in the head, which made it really mad.

This is the first year they have told us not to zigzag when running away from gators. Any 3 year old in Florida knows you are supposed to zigzag when running away from gators. Now they tell us not to zigzag, and all these tragedies happen.
Crocodile Hunter
So much for advice from the "experts". If I am attacked--by anything--I plan to zigzag.

"risknexx" from the Internet writes something to the effect that "attractive models are probably eaten more than unattractive models."
I say your comment about eating unattractive models is in poor taste, risknexx.

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