The Alesis Fusion: Up Close & Sensational.
Image courtesy Carbon111

Keyboard Notes
[This is a musician's blog, you know. The new Band Names are down below this review.]

Note to anyone about to buy the Roland Juno-G--You are an idiot if you don't buy the Alesis Fusion 6HD instead.
Yes, the Fusion costs a whopping $4 more than the Roland. But that four bucks buys you everything the Juno can do plus a sampler, a Physical Modeling synth, an FM synthesizer (Long live the DX7!!) an analog synth from the guys that make the Andromeda, a DAW, a 8-track 48/96 digital recorder (with 80 gig SATA hard drive), an ADAT interface, a loop sequencer and a real 32 track sequencer. Plus a soundset by Hollow Sun, Eric Norlander and others.

If the Andromeda A6 was the original Battlesynth Galactica, The Alesis Fusion (also available in an 88 key piano action version) is the new high quality digital re-imagining. This leaves the Roland Juno-G in the dust as the Galactica 1980 of budget workstations.

You owe it to yourself to check out this synth.

Now, on to the cool band names. My band names for today are:

Today's Band Names were inspired by Bones, one of the many fine purveyors of short internet fiction. Rainer Buchty has a wonderful plan for Bones' life.

I'm touched--why, thanks!

Is Rainer Buchty a supervillian by any chance?
Bones, check out the detailed response for Friday, May 12, 2006.
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