Good Grief Norma Jean

Today Bob Barker tapes his last "Price is Right" episode. My maternal grandparents were crazy about that show. I still hear the yodeling theme of the “Cliff Hangers” game in my sleep from the years they baby-set me. And remember, "Have your pets spayed and neutered". I always wondered how you would accomplish both those dictums if you had only one pet.

Today's band names feature titles suggested by a Marilyn Monroe conspiracy documentary that I (partially) viewed over the weekend.

Poor Norma Jean--The parade of indignity never stops for her. The show rather indelicately suggested that her fatal dose of drugs was...neither swallowed nor injected.

Not injected with a needle, I mean.

*I* wouldn't have thought of it, but apparently there is one other way to get pills into the G.I. tract. No butts about it. I don't mean to be enigmatic.

Like I said: Poor Norma Jean.

Today's band names:

  • Barbiturate Enema
  • The Malvern Dinosaurs
  • Pocket Mass
  • Artificial Stomach
  • Deadly Enema Theory.

"Pocket Mass" is a repeat from a classic blog. I had to remind people once again that I am not *that* Mark Wynkoop. Also, it gives me a chance to use that nifty photo!

A "Mark Wynkoop" is in the news for saving a dog. Although I'd like to think of myself as a conserver of dogs, again, I'm not *that* Mark Wynkoop. If somebody had made sure their pet was both spayed and neutered, that whole situation could have been avoided.

Mark Wynkoop: Dog Savior
The Marilyn Monroe documentary also featured a phrase you don't hear every day: "With the help of our artificial stomach, we'll be able to see how the levels of Barbiturates rise."

I think a medical examiner quoted on the show said it best: "I've seen over 2000 overdoses, and none of them were by enema."

Goodnight everybody.

you know, for like a week after that I used "-ganger" as a suffix for almost every noun.
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