Dead or Canadian?

Your band names for today:

Someone asked if the band's name was just "Scytale", or if it was "Scytale (Rhymes with Italy)" [in whole]. I prefer the whole thing, but if you're just a "Scytale" fan, so be it.

Originally I had planned to follow-up the "Dave Barry" post from September with a retraction, saying that I was unaware that he had died a few years ago (coincident with his semi-retirement), but I decided that it was uncharacteristically mean-spirited for this blog.

I've learned my lesson with Internet Death Hoaxes. From now on, the only death I'm going to fake is my own.

Re-reading "Sandworms of Dune"?

And, yeah, definitely the whole thing.

And, I'm not sure what band would put this out as a song, but I nominate

Work (Called My Bluff)

As Song of the Day.

Or do the kids call them "tracks" now?
RE "tracks"
Ah, don't get me started on the demise of the long-form concept album. My only hope is that I can release my long-form stuff as a single "track" and iPods and MP3 players will become better at understanding index marks in the future.

There's a whole article in this. I might write a rant about it if I get some time around Christmas.
Rant away, 'cause Dark Side of the Moon and Abbey Road suck on digital players.
Crossfade with user-defined envelopes:
God's gift to iPods.

If only a playlist could include instructions for crossfade type, duration and NoGap settings.

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