Harry Harrison's Wire Hedgehog Is Born

Green Llama crony Paxton writes: "Some guy said 'clickability'. I thought of the name "Click-a-billy". Sort of like Rock-a-billy. Feel free to use this and gloat its usage to Kyle."


"Wire Hedgehog" is The Evil Doctor Rainer Buchty's term for a circuit board that has been "repaired" by patching dozens of wires into it. It does start to look like a spaghetti monster after a while. Below is a picture of a prototyping breadboard with wires streaming out of it so that you get the idea:

I noticed on that old post that Wikipedia pulled the original Xenu Plane photograph (a Douglas DC-8 painted into outer space). I took it as a chance to Photoshop a new one. Enjoy.

I must again quell the rumor that Rainer Buchty and I are in fact the same person. It is simply not true. I again direct you to this handy table that will help you distinguish between me and the Evil Doctor Rainer Buchty.

Wow. Disco Godfather. Fun movie.

I nominate Breadboard as a band name. And, in honor of yesterday's excruciating 84 degree daytime high, I nominate

Hace Calor and
Daytime High

as band names.

Now, if you'll excuse me, breakfast is ready.
RE Breadboard: I agree, if only to honor actress Kitty Carlisle, panel member of the original "What's My Line" game show, who often asked if items were "bigger than a breadbox"...I'm not sure what a breadbox is, or if it has an ANSI regulated size, but then again my name isn't Kitty.

RE "Hace Calor": My German teacher advised me never to say "Ich bin heiss" ("I am hot") no matter what the temperature is. Apparently Paris Hilton has damaged more than the English language.
I was in my 30s before I ever had a breadbox...the bread kept going stale because nobody knew it was in the breadbox. I'm still unclear as to its use.
Apparently it is not used to keep bread from growing stale.

My breadbox manufacturing corporation shall be called "Larger Than A..." Breadbox Manufacturing Corporation, A Kitty Carlisle family Company.

If they ever start up that "What's My Line" game show again, I should be the first guest. I mean, how do you answer that "bigger than a breadbox" question if the things you make actually ARE breadboxes?
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