Stop me before I pun again

Halloween is fast approaching, and I have somehow hemmed myself in to creating these awful band name puns as if I were the editor of Fangora magazine circa 1966.
--Ahem, which is to say that failed humor editor Al Hunt (nee Hyram Weisman), creates them (with the help of grandson, "Little Jeffy", whose age is a bizarre Internet controversy).

In the spirit of presidential campaigns nowdays somehow starting several years too early, I give the power to the people, allowing you to decide if the Halloween pun names will appear again this year.

I will post the results sometime next week. Remember, vote early, vote often. Unless the hundreds of competing Internet "standards" prevent the poll from working. I am not coding my own poll in javascript again like I did for the 1 year blog anniversary. Life is too short to create an unnecessary array. [Or is it?] [Array humor!] [Ha ha!]

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